Welcome to the Red Rose Repeater Association website. We are an active Amateur Radio Club including licensed amateurs, non-licensed contributors, spouses and friends, all located in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

- Enjoy our Repeaters!
P.O. Box 8316
Lancaster, PA 17604-8316

Click here for a map view of the breakfast site.
Join us for breakfast on the third Saturday of every month, at 9:00am at the Park City Diner (884 Plaza Boulevard). Everyone is welcome! Make your reservations during our 2m net!
2m band: 147.015MHz (+), PL 118.8Hz  70cm band: 449.575MHz (-) PL 114.8Hz Click here for a map view of the meeting site.

Bylaws Revision Status and NOTICE OF VOTE

The long awaited Bylaws Revision is complete and in draft form preliminary to debate! Many thanks to members of the Bylaws Revision Committee [Allen (AB3NE), Jason (W3PC), Mark (KB3NCJ), Don (W3LHT) and Doug (W3COB)] for their hard work!

The following timeline to REVIEW, DEBATE, ISSUE A FINAL DRAFT and give OFFICIAL NOTICE OF VOTE is as follows:

  • 31-Oct Announcement made on weekly 2 meter net that a draft of the bylaws is available and ready for REVIEW.
  • 3-Nov In accordance with Article XIV (Amendments) of the Bylaws currently in effect, a notice of the revision/draft will be emailed (on or about the 3rd of November) to all Red Rose Repeater Association members for REVIEW. We will use the email address each member has on file with the Association...if you don't receive an email, contact any member of the Board of Directors to update your email address. You feedback is also requested via email; send your feedback to w3cob [at] arrl [dot] net, or any member of Bylaw Revision Committee...PLEASE INCLUDE your NAME AND CALLSIGN, the exact section(s) of the proposed draft upon which you wish to give feedback, and provide any changes or recommendation. Your comments will be read at the subsequent club meeting.
  • 14-Nov At the club meeting on November 14th, the membership in attendance will DEBATE all feedback, and make changes to the revised bylaws draft as needed. At the conclusion of the meeting, the draft will become FINAL and all further discussion and debate will be closed.
  • Week of 19-Nov Review of revised document with attorney.
  • 23-Nov Again, in accordance with Article XIV (Amendments) of the Bylaws currently in effect, a copy of the FINAL DRAFT will be emailed to all members. This email shall serve as the OFFICIAL NOTICE OF VOTE TO AMEND THE BYLAWS. This will be your opportunity to obtain a copy of the FINAL DRAFT before the vote to adopt or decline the Bylaws revision. If you don't receive a copy, please contact any member of the Bylaw Committee or the Board of Directors. Also, in accordance with Article XIV, this OFFICIAL NOTICE, instructions will be included for the submission of Absentee Ballots.
  • 19-Dec At the regular club meeting, a VOTE will be held to adopt or refuse the Final Draft of amended Bylaws. The VOTE will be conducted by secret ballot.

2m Nets

The club conducts weekly VHF nets on their 2m repeater. These nets are Wednesdays at 2100EDT/EST every week has a different net controller.

10m Nets

The club conducts weekly HF nets on the 10m band. These are nets to expand the skillset in HF SSB area for all amateurs, including Technician Class licensees. The 10m nets are Tuesdays at 2000EDT/EST at 28.435MHz. Every week is a different net controller (see the calendar above and click on the week of interest to see who is net control). The band has been opening up lately, so get involved! Hone your HF skills! NOTE: If there is existing traffic less than five minutes prior to the net start, the net will move to 28.445MHz.


The Lancaster County ARES conduct regular net meetings, two per month--> voice only and voice/digital:

  • Voice Only - First Tuesday of every month at [2030EST/EDT] and will be on the N3FYI (145.31MHz) repeater. Times may change according to participation, as there is another net meeting (SPARC) at [2100EST/EDT].
  • Voice/Digital - Third Tuesday of every month also at [2030EST/EDT] and will be on the N3FYI (145.31MHz) repeater. Times may change according to participation, as there is another net meeting (SPARC) at [2100EST/EDT]. Check back here for details (including digital mode) as the time approaches.

N2DYK Contact information

For those who would like to reach out to, N2DYK, our past president, presently living in California, you can reach him via telephone at 7O7-889-6O59.

VE Testing

Red Rose Repeater Association is sponsoring a Laurel VEC associated VE team to offer ham radio tests at no cost to the examinee. Testing is held at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology on Orange 1100 East Orange Street, Lancaster, PA 17602, in room 46 on the 3rd Saturday of the odd numbered months. Registration starts at 11:30am with testing beginning promptly at noon. Pre-registrations preferred, but walk-ins will be accepted. E-mail Jason (W3PC) for pre-registration and questions. Note: A FRN (FCC Registration Number) is required for testing, show up early if assistance is needed in obtaining a FRN. A government issued photo ID is also required for testing. Entrance to testing facility on corner of Clark ST and Parkside AVE. Room 46 right inside door to the right. Parking available on street or in lot behind building across Parkside Avenue. Planned dates are:

  • 19-Jan-19
  • 16-Mar-19
  • 18-May-19
  • 20-Jul-19
  • 21-Sep-19
  • 16-Nov-19

Technician Class and Testing

Ralph Brandt is offering Technician License Classes and follow-up test sessions. There is no cost for the class. Dates and locations are listed below. Contact: Ralph Brandt (K3HQI) 7l7-885-3O63 or CLICK HERE to e-mail him. Pre-registration helps planning. Please give a phone number where you can be reached in case of bad weather. Upon passing the test an FCC license is usually issued within a week. You will need a government issued photo ID or acceptable alternate for the testing. If you do not have a government photo ID, contact Ralph for alternatives. *The license fee is determined by the testing team. Some teams have no fee and he works with them if possible. Other teams charge $15.

  • NEWBERRYTOWN:15-Dec [0800-1600] and 16-Dec [0830-1200], testing [1230-1500], Newberry Regional EMA, 1915 Old Trail Road, Etters, PA 17319
  • SHREWSBURY:26-Jan [0800-1600] and 27-Jan [0830-1200], testing [1230-1500] (location to be determined)
  • DENVER/FIVEPOINTS: still being determined (check back)


President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Trustee 1st yr Board Members 2nd yr Board Members
Allen Showalter AB3NE Leon Hess AA3LH Karen Lesmeister K3LPA Jean Hess KC3HQZ Mark Vreeland KB3NCJ Dan Boone KB3ZMB
Jason Benedick W3PC
Don Pickel W3LHT
John Lesmeister W3LPA

The W3RRR Association operates the following assets in service to our immediate community:
  • Transmitters - Our VHF and UHF transmitters are located atop the Lancaster General Hospital in the City of Lancaster
  • Receivers - Our VHF receivers are located at Welsh Mountain (east), SPARC's tower (west) and near Safe Harbor (south), providing a large footprint for the county, plus into neighboring counties
  • Echo Link - For those traveling outside the immediate area of Lancaster County, our Echolink server keeps them in touch.
Red Rose Repeater Association also maintains a page on facebook. It is offered for active participation (moderated) pertinent to club members and family for the support of this club.


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