Welcome to the Red Rose Repeater Association website. We are a Ham Radio Club including licensed amateurs, non-licensed contributors, spouses and friends, all located in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

- Enjoy our Repeaters!
P.O. Box 8316
Lancaster, PA 17604-8316

Click here for a map view of the breakfast site.
Join us for breakfast on the third Saturday of every month, at 9:00am at the Park City Diner. Everyone is welcome! Make your reservations by contacting Ken at 7l7-872-1451.
2m band: 147.015MHz (+), PL 118.8Hz  70cm band: 449.575MHz (-) PL 114.8Hz Click here for a map view of the meeting site.


The Lancaster County ARES conduct regular net meetings, two per month--> voice only and voice/digital:

  • Voice Only - First Tuesday of every month, beginning 3-Nov, at [2030EST] and will be on the N3FYI (145.31MHz) repeater. Times may change according to participation, as there is another net meeting (SPARC) at [2100EST].
  • Voice/Digital - Third Tuesday of every month, beginning 17-Nov, also at [2030EST] and will be on the N3FYI (145.31MHz) repeater. Times may change according to participation, as there is another net meeting (SPARC) at [2100EST]. Check back here for details (including digital mode) as the time approaches.

DXpedition of one of our Own

KC3DMV is presently traveling in Colorado and has brought along some HF hardware. This week (18-22 May-16) he has a G5RV in the air and he intends to send out CQ's...

  • ... on 18-May, [1700-1900EDT], 20m @ 14290 (give or take)
  • ... on 19-May, [1800-1859EDT], 20m @ 14290 (give or take)
  • ... on 19-May, [1900-2100EDT], 40m @ 7225 (give or take)
  • ... on 22-May, [2100-2159EDT], 20m @ 14290 (give or take)

Public Service Event, Trail Marathon at Worlds End State Park

This is an opportunity for public service for all interested amateur radio operators. There will be an Ultra-Marathon run through the trails of Worlds End State Park (Sullivan County) on 21-May. This event is quite similar to the locally held Keystone Trails Associate Superhike, just held in another terrain. The Worlds End Ultra-Marathon is a challenging foot race that explores the Loyalsock Trail, Loyalsock State Forest and Worlds End State Park in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. The routes are largely rugged, scenic-dense single-track trails with some fairly remote sections, several waterfalls and multiple vistas of the beautiful Endless Mountains. This is not a beginner-level ultra and participation in the race should not be taken lightly. As John Young writes in Hike Pennsylvania, “If you want to do some hiking in the Worlds End region, you should know that hiking here means climbing”. The marathon covers tough terrain, so needs amateur radio for communications support. Travis Best is the PEMA Central ACS Officer. If you are interested, please register directly with Travis.

Public Service Event, MS Society Bicycle Ride

This is an opportunity for public service for all interested amateur radio operators. There will be an MS Society bicycle ride, dubbed as 'BikeMS: City to Shore 150'. The two day event (24-25 Sep-2016) starts and finishes in Ocean City, NJ. If you are interested, contact Joe DiBartolo (KC2SFB) at 609-316-8220. He is reaching out to clubs in the tri-state area to help in recruitment efforts to support the event. This event is one of, if not the largest, Amateur Radio supported events in the country. Last year the volunteer roster totaled 103 Amateur Operators, all working in the communications effort of the event. For 2016 their goal to cover the event is a minimum of 125 Amateur Operators. The need is great.

Click here for event forms/applications or click here to download the form.

VE Testing

The dates below are offered for those who desire to be tested for obtaining or upgrading their Amateur Operator's license. Testing is offered at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, starting at 7:00pm on the following dates:

  • 16-Jun-16
  • 18-Aug-16
  • 20-Oct-16
  • 15-Dec-16

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Trustee 1st yr Board Members 2nd yr Board Members
Ken Wiggins N2DYK John Lesmeister W3LPA Karen Lesmeister K3LPA Paul Hilton N3BCZ Mark Vreeland KB3NCJ Allen Showalter AB3NE
Leon Hess KC3DMV
Harry DeVerter N3KYR
Dan Boone KB3ZMB
The W3RRR Association operates the following assets in service to our immediate community:
  • Transmitters - Our VHF and UHF transmitters are located atop the Lancaster General Hospital in the City of Lancaster
  • Receivers - Our VHF receivers are located at Welsh Mountain (east), New Danville and near Safe Harbor (west), providing impressive coverage of the entire county plus into neighboring counties
  • Echo Link - For those traveling outside the immediate area of Lancaster County, our Echolink server keeps them in touch.
Red Rose Repeater Association also maintains a page on facebook. It is offered for active participation (moderated) pertinent to club members and family for the support of this club.

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